From the Beginning....

Arriving in New York City from the beautiful city of Sciacca in Sicily in 2012, Diego Chiarello was about to embark on the adventure that would fulfill his American Dream.

A well - known pastry chef back home, he wanted to prove himself in America.  Arriving and not knowing the language, he immersed himself in American culture to learn English, and worked, to further his knowledge of the American way of baking.  

After a few years of working for several famous restaurants and private clubs, he decided to venture out on his own.  He relocated to Houston and decided to share the love of his craft and the love of his culture and homeland by opening La Sicilia. 

With 20 years of experience under his belt, he has captured the American essence of baked goods and merged them wonderfully with his homeland specialties from Sicily. 

Welcome to La Sicilia.  From the island to your lips!